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  • Tuesday, October 3, 2017 6:01:46 AM America/Los_Angeles 0 Posted By thefrontrow admin

    It’s our favorite time of year again. The weather is finally cooling off as the mornings grow crisp with the hint of winter on the horizon and the leaves are just beginning to change. That’s right; it’s fall.

    We love the fall. Not only does it give us an excuse to eat and drink pumpkin-flavored everything, but fall is the season for some of our favorite fashion trends. 

    From sweaters to boots, scarves, jeans, and jackets, fall clothing is the best. It’s cold enough to need layers but still warm enough to show off some skin.

    One surprising and, dare we say it, funky trend this year is taupe clothing. Normally, taupe is a summer color that you dress up with bright accessories, but this fall it’s the new must-have staple color for your closet. 

    All About Taupe 

    Warm taupe is one of those perfect neutral colors. It’s easy to embrace in almost any outfit because it goes with every other color whether bright, dark, or rich. You might think taupe is “boring” or “blah” but the truth is that it can be transformed into a canvas for any paintbrush. 

    Another reason we love taupe clothing is because it brings to mind the idea of trust, the feeling of being organic, and the concept of being one with nature. So, it’s no surprise that many timeless pieces this fall will be in shades of warm taupe. 

    In fact, taupe is the color of 2017 because it’s so unexpected. For years, fashion designers and others had left taupe alone in favor of brighter, bolder looks. Now, it’s back in, bringing a hint of freshness and “cool” to the fashion world. 

    Taupe on the Runway 

    If you were watching the runway this fall, you probably saw quite a few taupe trench coats and sweaters. In fact, it seemed like every designer from Chanel to Max Mara and Karen Walker had some type of neutral jacket or other outwear. And you’ll find similar items at The Front Row.

    For example, our Eco Cashmere Luxe Surplus in taupe is an absolute staple for your wardrobe. The bulky sleeve design is another “in” from the runway and combined with its light as air fabric; it’s the perfect sweater for any outfit and day—no matter how cold or hot.

    The best part is that the sweater can be paired with other neutral colors such as black and white or you can make a bold statement with a pop of cherry red or violet. 

    How to Wear Taupe Clothing

    Now that you know taupe clothing is “in,” how should you wear it? 

    Taupe is beyond versatile. You can dress it up or down in so many endless ways that the outfit possibilities are beyond exciting.

    For example, let’s take a simple staple dress such as our Dolman Luxe Sweater Dress in taupe. At first, you might think, “This is too plain. Everyone’s heard of a little black dress, but no one wants a little taupe dress.” And that’s where you’d be wrong. Think of taupe clothing like a blank pallet just waiting for you to dress it up.

    Do you have a pair of colorful knee-high boots that you can only wear with one or two outfits? They’d go perfectly with this taupe dress.

    What about that brightly colored chunky necklace that’s too loud for most outfits? Nothing is too loud for taupe. You can even have fun with taupe by adding other funky accessories such as an old-fashioned hat (also in on the runway) or a faux fur coat.

    And taupe clothing doesn’t just have to be regulated to tops.

    Our French Terry Wide Leg Pant in taupe is the perfect bottom piece. Taupe on the bottom means that you can concentrate color and pattern around your face, where it’s most noticeable. Imagine if you will, these taupe pants with a pair of royal blue kitten heels and a floral print top with simple, airy blue stitching. It would be a stunning combination. 

    Adding Taupe to Your Wardrobe 

    The key to taupe clothing is ensuring that you get the staples. Don’t waste taupe on a pair of shoes or a purse. Go bold and make the centerpiece of your outfit taupe with our Cotton Cashmere Lace Up Top or Forever Zip Front Cardigan and then let the rest of your outfit be filled with stunning little statements.

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