About us

In the spring of 2016 the founders of The Front Row came together with one common goal-to revolutionize on line shopping and address the size issues woman face in the fashion world. TFR is our vision on how we feel fashion direct to consumer shopping should be-a fun and creative experience. We bring you “The Front Row”-the worlds most innovative and creative fashion brand for all women.

We bring you a singular shopping experience, that let’s you, the customer engage in her wardrobe choices. By delivering the highest quality products for you that fits your body ! All of our colors mix and match and are perfectly dyed to match or compliment each other. We also believe that a woman have curves, and that her clothing should work with her body type. We built curves into all of our patterns to capture the best fit and to compliment a woman’s shape.

At TheFrontRow.Studio we are all seasoned experts in the fashion arena with years of experience in launching brands, so we understand how to make designer quality clothing at prices you can afford with ethical factories.